First and foremost, your safety is our priority. 

We are closely monitoring our office and staff to ensure compliance with safety protocol. We are also making sure our staff are not showing symptoms and are not at risk of exposure. 

We are are taking extra steps to disinfect all surfaces between patients, strict hand washing policies, and staff/patient screening. Our staff will wear protective masks when treating patients. We ask that our patients utilize masks or face covering that covers both nose and mouth as well. 

Appointments are scheduled in a manner that will not allow for patients to pass each other in the waiting room and hallways. Please read below for additional information regarding your appointment.


1. FACEMASKS! Due to the hands-on nature of chiropractic care, our doctors are unable to maintain 6-foot social distancing when treating patients. For everyone's safety, staff must wear face masks and we ask that patients wear masks or other facial covering when entering the office. This reduces the risk of potential exposure of COVID-19 to others even if you are asymptomatic.

2. OUR WAITING ROOM IS LIMITED. We are not seeing “walk-in” patients at this time. You must schedule an appointment to make sure that we can properly space appointments and sanitize the office between each patient.

3. PATIENTS ONLY IN THE OFFICE. Friends and family will not be permitted and must stay home or wait in the car (exceptions include a language interpreter or a parent being present for a minor patient). Small children should not be brought into the office at this time and should remain at home with a spouse/guardian/babysitter etc.

4. If you have been experiencing symptoms such as running a fever, dry cough or shortness of breath, please STAY HOME and contact your primary care physician or the Ohio Department of Health at 614- 722-7221 or Franklin County Public Health 614-525-3160. Dr. Edge will not treat any patients with a temperature of 100+. Your temperature will be taken at check in. Per CDC guidelines we will be screening patients for fevers, dry cough and shortness of breath prior to treatment. Staff is also being monitored and recorded before each daily shift. Anyone who has a fever of 100+ degrees F is not permitted to receive treatment in the office and is directed to COVID-19 testing resources if they have recently experienced associated symptoms. Hand sanitizer is available in office
for patient use.

These are some ways to protect yourself and others before, during, and after the visit:
-Make sure you wash your hands before you leave the house.
-Bring sanitizer or disinfectant spray with you. Avoid public transit at all costs. If you do utilize public
transportation, sanitize afterward. In the car, we suggest using wipes on common surfaces and your phone.
-Minimize the stops between your home and the chiropractic office. If possible, do not make extra stops.

If you do, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before continuing travel.
-When you arrive at your appointment, be sure to sanitize your hands. Also, refrain from unnecessarily touching counter surfaces. Please sanitize your hands once again when leaving the office.

During a global health crisis, it is everyone's responsibility to practice social distancing, decrease unnecessary risk by self-monitoring possible self-exposure and risk levels. You may be at risk of COVID-19 if you or someone you have come in contact with someone who has received a COVID-19 positive test, if you are caring for someone who is currently sick and has not yet been tested, if you have recently traveled to an area that has experienced a large number of positive COVID-19 cases, and/or are not feeling well yourself. Keep in mind that symptom onset can range anywhere from 2-14 days post exposure.

Caring for yourself during these stressful times is important. In chiropractic health, it is about maintaining good health. How you feel, what you eat, and how you move all impact the body. This is a critical time to make sure your emotional and physical health needs are maintained. We are here to help as well as possible.

We look forward to caring for you soon.

Dr. Adam Edge & Staff


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